Educational visit for journalists: Austrian company Sonnenerde

On 22nd and 23rd May 2014 an educational visit for journalists from the partner countries was organised. The visit took place in Riedlingsdorf in Austria, where the object of our visit, company Sonnenerde, is located.


On the first day of the meeting the journalists from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic were introduced to the project E2BEBIS, its main aims and activities and also to biochar as such, as the most of the journalists were not familiar with this product and the technology of its production. On the second day we continued with the visit of Sonnenerde. The director and owner of the company, Mr. Gerald Dunst, provided the journalists and the project partners with a very interesting guided tour through his company, showed us all the processes and explained, how his ecologically oriented business works. He put a special emphasis on production of biochar in his plant made by German company Pyreg and the way he uses this product, which he uses to call “black gold”.


The visited company Sonnenerde deals with preparing high quality compost-based soil. It uses the local biomass (sewage sludge, grain husks, cemetery waste a lots of others) and processes it to four kinds of high quality compost (compost, biocompost, acid compost and biochar compost). Preparing proper compost is a very important process regarding the quality of the soil and it takes several months until it is ready to be given into the soil. Biochar is used within this process to improve the quality of the soil and to start the terra preta effect in it.


We are very pleased that we could take part in this inspiring visit and we are very much grateful to Mr. Dunst and his team for enabling it!

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