55 uses of biochar

Biochar is much more than just a soil additive. The Ithaka Institute from Switzerland identified a total of 55 possible uses of biochar in various fields, such as farming, construction sector, decontamination, biogas production, treatment of waste and drinking water, as well as in industry, electronics, metallurgy, cosmetics and textile industry and many others.

When added to soil, biochar increases the soils’s fertility and by regulating the level of nutrients in the soil, if carefully applied, can increase the farmers’ yields significantly. Used in animal farming, biochar reduces odours and increases the general wellbeing of animals. In the construction sector, biochar is excellent for insulating buildings and regulating humidity. In Asia, biochar is added to textiles to reduce sweating.

For a more comprehensive list of the possible uses of biochar, please have a look at the article on the 55 uses of biochar published in the journal of the Ithaka Institute.

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